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Reply To: How to handle it when a prospective client ghosts you

Chip Griffin
February 14, 2022 at 11:08 am #15112

Prospects ghost us for all sorts of reasons, but they ultimately all come back to the fact that they didn’t see an urgent need to get started.

It’s a good idea to find ways to continue to pop up on their radar so that when they are ready they can move forward with you. I prefer to do this by sharing something of substance — like an article I came across or some resource from my archive that I thought might benefit them based on our previous discussions.

A traditional salesperson-style pestering campaign doesn’t typically work very well. Nor does manufacturing a sense of urgency (like by telling them you’re about to fill up with work so they need to move fast if they don’t want to get wait-listed).

The reason false urgency is a problem is that while it can work at closing the sale in the short-term, it often leads to buyer’s remorse because they didn’t go through a process that they were comfortable with to arrive at the final decision.

By all means find ways to continue to connect. You can even tell them that if they’re not ready to proceed now, you’re happy to set a time in the future with them to follow-up.

If you continue to get ghosted, that’s an answer in itself. The trouble is that sometimes we prefer not to accept the answer is a “no” because we were excited about the possibility of the work to begin with.

Just remember that there are plenty of fish for you to catch so you shouldn’t invest too much time and effort into reeling in one particular prospect. Make your best effort and be prepared to move on if you don’t get your preferred answer.

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