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Reply To: Redesigning your agency’s website

Chip Griffin
March 22, 2022 at 8:52 am #15949

Most of us worry too much about our websites. The vast majority of prospects don’t spend much time looking at them — and they certainly don’t scrutinize it the way we would.

Unless you are a creative agency trying to demonstrate your agency’s expertise visually, your website simply needs to look professional and provide the essential information your prospects might be seeking.

Contact information should be easy to find and you should resist the urge to get cute or fancy with your design. Keep it simple and easy for prospects to navigate.

Be sure to use language that clearly resonates with ideal clients — and helps bad fit prospects know that so that they don’t waste their time or yours by reaching out.

Make certain to be clear about the kinds of services that you offer and your relevant experience (in the form of testimonials, case studies, portfolio, or other means).

Your website is also a recruiting tool, so consider how prospective hires will look at it and what they want to know.

Both potential clients and employees will want to see your team page to know who they will be working alongside. Resist the urge to litter this page with rarely used contractors to make it seem like you are larger than you are.

If you have a blog or other content, make it really easy to access. Don’t bury it if you’re going to take the time to create it.

SEO is nice, but most agencies (with some exceptions) don’t generate a lot of business from search. So expect that most prospective clients are coming to visit after they already have heard about you and are simply looking for validation (or even just contact information!).

Finally, keep in mind that you will think the website is stale much sooner than anyone else. Most clients/prospects/employees will visit once or twice. They’re not coming back regularly to see what has changed.

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