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Reply To: Methods of payment

Chip Griffin
May 16, 2022 at 11:13 am #18283

Make it as easy as possible for clients to pay you.

Most clients will pay you electronically today if you make it convenient to do so. Very few organizations still insist on paper checks.

The specific methods that you allow will depends a bit on the types of clients that you have and their geographic locations.

You should definitely allow wire/ACH payments, but you almost certainly should enable credit card payments, too. Don’t worry about the credit card processing charges because those are a cost of doing business and should be accounted for in your overhead that you use to calculate profitable pricing.

Your goal should be frictionless payment of the amounts due to your agency in a way that captures those funds as quickly as possible.

Depending on your client base, you may even want to consider third party payment services like Paypal or Venmo.

Take advantage of your invoicing software since most will make it easy to offer electronic payment. Include ACH information right on your invoice to make it simple for those who prefer to use their own banking software to transmit payment.

The easier it is for clients to pay you, the more likely you are to collect those funds in a timely manner and avoid arduous (and costly) collections processes.

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