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SAGA Newsletter: Is it time to be unresponsible?

Doesn’t it feel good to be irresponsible sometimes?

It’s not a feeling that we often have as agency owners — nor one that most of us strive to have, if we’re being honest.

So what if instead of being irresponsible we simply became “unresponsible”?

I’ll explain what I mean a bit later in this week’s newsletter, but first let’s see what Jen rounded up for us this week.

— Chip Griffin, SAGA Founder

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— Jen Griffin, SAGA Community Manager

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AI in Focus

Is it time to be unresponsible?

As agency owners, we take on responsibility for a lot of things. Whether we expressly subscribe to the notion of “the buck stops here” or not, the reality is that it does in just about any small business.

So wouldn’t it feel good to be irresponsible — or at least “unresponsible” — sometimes?

Here’s the thing. As business owners, we need to learn to let go as we grow.

On at least three occasions this week alone, I have talked with agency owners about the need to relinquish the reins on certain functions or projects.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t retain oversight. You can still offer guidance, provide feedback, and retain ultimate approval authority.

But you shouldn’t be putting yourself in a position to be responsible for everything.

That means that every client should have a team lead that is not you.

It means that when you create a new initiative to grow the business, you should put someone else in charge of compiling ideas and managing the implementation.

If you have a project management system, there’s just about nothing that should have your name listed as the “owner” of the project.

This becomes more urgent as you grow. When you have just 1-2 employees, you probably won’t achieve 100% unresponsibility.

But by the time you hit double digits in headcount, it ought to be something really unusual for it to land on your plate to manage directly.

Becoming unresponsible doesn’t just free up time in your day, it also helps to empower your team.

Of course, that means that you need to embrace their ownership of clients, projects, and tasks. Don’t micromanage, and only contribute to or course-correct their work when it is truly necessary.

It may not be quite the same as the rush some get when they let go and become truly irresponsible, but you will generally see better results for your business and greater satisfaction as an owner when you learn to become properly unresponsible.

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