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SAGA Newsletter: Is your agency focused on client results?

Just about every agency talks about how focused they are on delivering for their clients.

Everyone says they have the best team that can do the best job.

But are you really as focused on client results as you think?

Is your focus on the results the client wants and needs or the results that make your agency look good? Are you focused on what will actually move the needle or simply what you are specifically asked to do?

Before you get your back up and start sending me a nasty email, give it a little thought, and I’ll explore it some more a bit later in this week’s newsletter. First, let’s look at what Jen has rounded up for us this week.

— Chip Griffin, SAGA Founder

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Below are some articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos that we came across during the past week or so that provide useful perspective and information for PR and marketing agency owners. While we don’t necessarily endorse all of the views expressed in these links, we think they are worth your time.

— Jen Griffin, SAGA Community Manager

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AI in Focus

Is your agency focused on client results?

Agencies commonly profess to be results-oriented and claim to be true partners with their clients.

And while I have no doubt that most of you do actually care about your clients, I think it is worthwhile to take a deeper look at whether we are actually producing the results that our clients really want and need.

It is easy for agencies to become order-takers. It might be because you need revenue and you want to close new business with as little friction as possible. Or it might be because you have been working with a client for a while and it is easier to fulfill their wishes rather than pushing back and forcing a more encompassing strategic conversation.

Unfortunately, clients often don’t ask for what they really need. A client asking for a website or a media campaign around a product launch doesn’t really want a website or a media campaign. They want the business impacts that they believe — correctly or not — will flow from them.

It’s a bit like going into the doctor and asking for a certain prescription. It’s not that you want that particular drug, it’s that you want whatever outcome you believe it will produce. Your doctor shouldn’t merely write you that prescription without learning more about your condition, and we as agencies shouldn’t do any different with our prospects and clients.

Even when we manage to avoid being order-takers, we can still lose sight of providing results for clients because we get caught up in protecting profitability and scaling our businesses.

Agency advisors — myself included — share in some of the blame. We’re always pleading with owners to avoid scope creep, manage profit margins, and look to increase prices.

We help agencies find paths to new business — and typically encourage winning larger, more profitable clients that can end up replacing smaller existing ones.

But it is all a balancing act. If you can’t meet these goals while still producing the right results for clients, then you need to step back and ask what needs to change so that you can operate a scalable, profitable business while still meeting the needs of those who pay you.

Don’t simply pay lip service to results for your clients, make certain that you are really getting them what they need. That’s how you build a sustainable business with clients that want to continue to work with you.

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