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AIM-GET: Talent

Talent is recruiting and retaining the best team. Most agencies will tell you that their people are what makes them unique and able to generate

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AIM-GET: Execution

Execution is producing results profitably. No agency survives very long unless it produces results for clients. At the same time, agencies will perish if they

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AIM-GET: Growth

Growth is effective matchmaking with prospects. It can be tempting for agency leaders to skip over the AIM portion of the process and jump straight

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AIM-GET: Management

Management is creating structure for your success. The structure that you establish for your agency business has a direct impact on future success. The Management

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AIM-GET: Identity

Identity is finding focus to attract ideal clients. When you know who your ideal client is, you can more clearly describe your agency to the

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AIM-GET: Ambition

Ambition is knowing what you want to achieve. Agency owners need to develop their own definition of what success looks like for them.  There is

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