What to do when you are preparing to sell your agency

Most PR and marketing agency owners have thought about the possibility of selling their business someday.

But what should you be thinking about today if that’s an outcome you might want to achieve?

Chip and Gini talk about some of the things to focus on, as well as the potential pitfalls on the road to a sale.



  • 0:00​ Intro
  • 2:58​ Resources
  • 3:50​ When to sell
  • 5:25​ Earn-out and owner’s role
  • 8:15​ Make yourself less essential
  • 9:18​ Positioning your agency
  • 11:12​ Client concentration problem
  • 12:30​ Agency finances
  • 19:05​ Expect surprises
  • 22:45​ Timing of the sale
  • 24:50​ Life-changing money?
  • 26:25​ Post-sale control
  • 28:50​ Outro

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