Agency Business Checkup

Agency owners benefit from an independent perspective.

Running an agency is hard work.

It’s very easy to get caught up in day-to-day client service and fighting the fire of the moment. Agency leaders must take time to step back and look at the state of the business to set a path forward.

The Agency Business Checkup examines the key challenges and opportunities facing the business, prioritizes next steps, and makes suggestions for improvements.

Most clients begin their relationship with Agency Leadership Advisors with the Checkup process. It sets the foundation for future work and allows both sides to ensure there is a good fit for a continued partnership.

When the Checkup is complete, you will have fresh ideas and knowledge you can implement on your own or with continued advice and counsel from Chip.

Here’s who this is for

Chip works with agency owners who are committed to change and want to learn. Our best clients have an entrepreneurial spirit, strong communications chops, and a willingness to invest time and effort in their agency’s continued growth and development.

Signs and symptoms that you are due for an Agency Business Checkup:

  • Your agency is planning to grow and expand.
  • You are thinking of selling or merging your agency in the next few years.
  • Your agency is seeking a new direction.
  • Your agency is experiencing a specific challenge that needs to be solved.
  • Your agency is undergoing change.
  • Your agency is falling short of its full potential.
  • You are considering taking on a new partner in the business.
  • You are seeking an independent perspective on how your business is performing.

The ABC process requires commitment.

The Agency Business Checkup isn’t for every agency. It requires substantial homework and a dedication to improving the business.

  • Active participation of all agency owners/partners
  • Ability to dedicate 3-5 hours to preparation and information gathering
  • Commitment to transparent and honest communication during the process
  • Willingness to exploring new ideas and ways of doing business
  • Desire to implement changes after the Checkup

If you meet this criteria then read on because the Agency Business Checkup may be right for you.

Here’s how it helps

Our engagements with most agencies begin with an Agency Business Checkup. It provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other and work together to create immediate value.

Every ABC involves a partnership to

  • Evaluate risks
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Identify priorities
  • Establish goals
  • Create an action plan

At the end of the Checkup, you will have clearly identified next steps. Through the process, we will also each discover if there is an opportunity to continue partnering or if you are ready to handle implementation of the plan on your own. Either way, you end up with measurable value.

Here’s how it works

Before you decide to move ahead with an Agency Business Checkup, you need to know what you’re getting into. It is intrusive so that we get to the core issues.

Chip asks a lot of tough questions and expects honest answers. The ABC process is about open dialogue, not sugarcoated conversations.

It starts with a detailed questionnaire:

  • Agency/owner goals
  • Detailed financial reports
  • Capabilities decks and marketing materials
  • Prospects pipeline and client lists
  • List of headaches and challenges

It’s a lot of information, but it helps get to the key opportunities and priorities quickly. Of course, everything is shared with a written guarantee of confidentiality.

In most cases, Chip conducts the Agency Business Checkup by remote work sessions of approximately 90 minutes in length over video conference.

Chip will schedule a follow-up call to review any questions that come to mind upon further reflection.

Here’s what you get

While we can’t promise you’ll like everything you hear, we can guarantee that you will receive far more value for your agency than what you pay for the ABC process.

You get hours of valuable feedback with key observations and recommendations that Chip has for your agency.

After the Checkup is complete, you will still have 30 days of email questions plus a follow-up call to address implementation questions.

For agencies with different circumstances or needs, Chip can work with clients to develop a customized Checkup process.

Next step

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free consultation to see if you and Chip might be a good fit for each other.

Solo/Micro Agencies

$ 1500
  • Kickoff questionnaire
  • Virtual work sessions
  • Follow-up call
  • 30 Days of email assistance

6-25 employees

$ 4500
  • Kickoff questionnaire
  • Virtual work sessions
  • Team feedback sessions
  • Follow-up call
  • 30 Days of email assistance

26-50 employees

$ 7500
  • Kickoff questionnaire
  • Virtual work sessions
  • Leadership team session
  • Team feedback sessions
  • Follow-up call
  • 30 Days of email assistance
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