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The Build to Own Approach

Create the agency that you want to own.

Too many agency owners believe that they need to follow someone else’s formula for success.

They have been led to believe that the ultimate goal must be to sell the agency.

What if you build an agency that you are happy to own and operate when you wake up each day?

The SAGA approach centers on helping agency owners create a business that allows them to live the life they want while earning the rewards they deserve.

What that means for every entrepreneur is different. There is no magic bullet that allows you to sail off into the sunset with a giant pile of cash and no sacrifices along the way.

The Build to Own approach utilizes the AIM-GET Framework to help you shape your agency to meet your own goals.

The Build to Own principles

When you follow the Build to Own approach, you will:

  • Engage in the work you want to do
  • Follow the schedule you want to live
  • Surround yourself with the people you want to work alongside
  • Earn the rewards you want to receive
  • Achieve the goals you want to reach

Build to Own leverages the AIM-GET Framework

Using the AIM-GET Framework provides a structure for making the strategic and tactical choices necessary to create a business you want to own.

Start by setting your AIM:

  • Define your Ambition
  • Establish your Identity
  • Choose your Management vision

Then GET results:

  • Create your Growth strategy
  • Develop your Execution plans
  • Recruit and retain the best Talent

If you don’t run your business, it will run you.

The Build to Own approach helps you to avoid management by inertia where you lose sight of what you really want from your agency.

Many times we make the decisions that we think are expected of us. Or we allow things to continue to be done “the way we have always done them.”

It’s time to take charge of your agency business and ensure that it is helping you to meet your own personal goals.

You can still sell the agency you create with Build to Own.

If you build a business that gets you the results you want, chances are someone else might be interested in owning it, too.

The difference between building an agency to sell and building an agency to own is that you aren’t sacrificing your satisfaction today for the hope of a payday tomorrow.

If you find yourself itching to sell your agency, ask yourself why. In many cases, it is because you haven’t created a business that you are happy to run. That’s where Build to Own can help.

Ready to learn more about using the
Build to Own approach for your agency?

Let’s have a conversation about how you can get started on your own or how SAGA can help you implement the AIM-GET Framework to plot your path for success and establish the processes that deliver the results you want.

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