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Mini Engagements

Mini engagements are designed to help PR & marketing agency leaders quickly address a targeted issue.

These are narrowly focused projects, unlike Agency Growth Coaching that provides ongoing advice and support.

Whether you need a quick call to review an urgent matter or would like to design a customized workshop to prepare a more in-depth plan, these sessions allow you to tap into an independent perspective and extensive experience.

Some of the questions that might be addressed in a private consultation include:

How do I handle a client that constantly wants us to do out-of-scope work?

How can I reduce the amount of time I spend on client service?

What should I do about an underperforming employee?

What advice do you have for this proposal and pitch I’m trying to win?

I have an opportunity to partner with another agency. Should I do it?

How can I accurately measure my project profitability without a lot of bureaucracy?

Can you help me refine my positioning to improve our competitiveness?

My partner and I can’t agree on the path forward. Can you help?

What do I need to do to make sure I retain my best employees?

Or just bring a list of questions and we’ll get through as many as we can in the time allotted!

Looking for ongoing advice and support?

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