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Agency Owner Peer Roundtables

Connect with others like you

Take advantage of learning from other agency owners who have faced similar challenges and opportunities.

Get feedback, share your experiences, ask for help, and improve accountability as part of a SAGA Peer Roundtable.

What is a Peer Roundtable?

Each Peer Roundtable is a group of approximately six agency owners. Every one is curated by SAGA Founder Chip Griffin to ensure a mix of individuals who have enough in common to be relatable but different enough to be complementary to rather than competitive with each other.

How does the Peer Roundtable work?

The Peer Roundtables meet monthly to share and learn from each other. In addition, the members participate in private email threads to help each other out throughout the month. The group is facilitated by Chip and the SAGA team to ensure everyone has an opportunity to benefit from the experience, including time to present situations and get specific advice from their peers.

Are there any additional benefits?

Peer Roundtable members have access to Weekly Office Hours with Chip where they can come to ask questions and get advice in a group setting.

Members also receive discounted access to other SAGA resources, including 1:1 coaching and advisory services.

How much does participation cost?

Membership in a Peer Group costs $297 per month and individuals are asked to make at least a 6-month commitment to their fellow Roundtable participants.

How can I sign up?

Since the Peer Roundtables are carefully curated, there are not always open seats available. Schedule a free consultation with Chip to discuss your interest.

Chip Griffin founded the Small Agency Growth Alliance (SAGA) to help PR and marketing agency owners achieve their goals.

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