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Advice & Coaching for Solos & Micro Agencies

As a former solo PR and marketing consultant himself, Chip Griffin knows how tough it can be to wear every hat in the business simultaneously.

While the independence is rewarding, it can also be isolating.

It helps to have someone to talk to about key business decisions.

All too often solos get left out and lack the opportunities that larger agencies have. When Chip ran CustomScoop — an online media monitoring service — he worked hard to make special packages available for solos that met their needs and their budgets.

That’s why Chip created a special offering from SAGA just for solos and micro agencies.


  • No more than 5 team members (including yourself)
  • No more than $450,000 of annual revenue
  • A desire to build a business you want to own

Options for Solos and Micro Agencies

  • A streamlined version of the Agency Business Checkup process tailored to the needs of your business ($1500)
  • Group coaching, including weekly office hours and monthly training opportunities ($97/month)
  • Personalized coaching, including access to group coaching resources plus private email and a monthly 1:1 coaching session ($497/month)

Next step

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if you and Chip might be a good fit for each other.

Chip Griffin founded the Small Agency Growth Alliance (SAGA) to help PR and marketing agency owners achieve their goals.

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