Beware of the experts

Chip and Gini are experts at growing PR and marketing agencies. But you should take everything that they say with a grain of salt.

No expert has all of the right answers all of the time. Not every piece of advice is a good one for you to take — even if it may work for 99% of other people.

When you’re looking for ideas and perspective, experts can certainly help. But you need to evaluate everything through your own lens. How closely does that person’s experience and outlook reflect your own?

As a general rule, any time you hear some piece of advice that sounds too good to be true (4-hour work week, anyone?) … it probably is. Even in bad advice you can still take away nuggets, but if you think that someone has the silver bullet to solve your challenge or maximize your opportunity, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

So continue listening to the Agency Leadership Podcast to get some wisdom from Chip and Gini. But be prepared to toss it out if it doesn’t make sense for you and your business. And do the same with every piece of expert advice you get anywhere.

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