AIM-GET Planning Guide: Ambition

A workbook to help you define your goals as an agency owner
AIM-GET Planning Guide: Ambition



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The AIM-GET Framework for Agency Success provides a roadmap that public relations and marketing agency owners can use to build a business that gives them personal and financial satisfaction.
It starts with determining the owner’s Ambition (the “A” in AIM-GET).

Understanding why you are an agency owner and what you want to get out if it will improve all of the succeeding decisions you make.

This Planning Guide provides a step-by-step process for identifying your goals as an agency owner by examining where you are today – and where you want to be in the future.

Scratch Your ITCH

The key components of Ambition in the AIM-GET Framework are:

  • Inputs. The amount of time you invest in your agency business.
  • Timing. When you’re working – and just as important, when you’re not.
  • Compensation. Money may not be the only driver for you (or even the main one) but it matters to every agency owner.
  • Happiness. Your satisfaction as an owner with every aspect of the business – and what it can or should do for you in the future – rounds out the Ambition assessment.

After you have examined your Ambition and how your business stacks up against it, the Planning Guide structures your Action Steps to maximize the likelihood that you achieve your goals.

NEXT STEP: After you complete the Ambition workbook, you can move on to the Identity workbook to help you with your agency's positioning.

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