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Join Our Virtual Happy Hour

Just because bars are closed and we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t all get together!

WHAT: Agency Leadership Virtual Happy Hour

WHEN: Thursday, March 19 at 5 PM ET

WHERE: Online, of course! Zoom video, to be specific.

ATTIRE: Required

This virtual happy hour is an opportunity for the agency community to come together and chat. There’s no agenda. It’s just like an in-person happy hour, only done remotely.

Make whatever drink you want. Coffee, tea, or water are fine. So are martinis, whiskey, wine, beer, or whatever your libation of choice may be. 

While there’s no need for a designated driver, we do encourage you to imbibe responsibly — however you choose to define that these days.

This is an experiment. If it works out well, we may do it again. If not, you had an excuse to be social for a few minutes.

Last call will be at 6 pm, but you’re free to extend it if you can convince your personal bartender.

We look forward to seeing you!

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