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SAGA Pro Membership

Training, engagement, & advice for owners and employees of small agencies


Learn best practices, discover new ideas, and develop new skills. SAGA Pro members receive unlimited access to live and on-demand training opportunities, including workshops, webinars, and videos.


Engage with other small agency owners and employees to share your experiences and learn from each other. SAGA provides regular opportunities to interact with your peers, including roundtables and workshops.


Get answers to your most pressing questions from someone who has been a small agency employee and owner. SAGA Founder Chip Griffin shares his years of experience with Pro members through regular office hours.

Support for Agency Owners

SAGA Pro membership connects owners with your peers to help you learn from each other.

You gain entry to workshops and training sessions at no additional cost.

A library of videos and other resources sits at your fingertips.

Your membership also gives you access to Chip Griffin’s expert advice through regular office hours and other interactions — all of this at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching and consulting.

Support for Agency Employees

Small agencies don’t have HR departments or the resources to create the same kind of training programs that the larger agencies have.

SAGA Pro membership provides the education and training that helps employees perform better and advance their careers.

It also gives employees direct access to Chip Griffin for advice and mentorship opportunities.


Setting clear objectives for yourself, your agency, and your team members will help you achieve progress more quickly.


You learn how to create project budgets, review expenses, and adjust pricing to get the profit margins you need.


Most small agencies benefit from having a clear focus on who you serve and how instead of trying to be all things to all people.

Sales & Marketing

By establishing consistent, repeatable processes, we can eliminate much of the fear and pain that inhibits growth.

Client Retention

Keeping clients requires not just getting good results but also building effective systems and processes.


Agency success relies on talented individuals, but finding and retaining them is always a challenge.


Knowing where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow allows you to plot a path for the future.


Owners and employees of small agencies benefit from connecting with peers to help hold them accountable.


Open to owners and partners of small PR or marketing agencies



Full access to SAGA for all owners and employees of your small agency


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Want more in-depth help?

Chip Griffin offers personalized consulting and coaching services for small agency owners. Schedule a conversation to discuss what solution might be right for you.