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Membership Benefit Details

A private discussion forum on the SAGA membership site provides a place to get answers to your questions — and search the answers shared with others previously.

A private Facebook group allows small agency owners, leaders, and allies to connect with each other. It enables community conversation and an opportunity to build relationships with peers.

A private Slack channel gives SAGA members an additional outlet for private conversation and quick requests for help or advice from the community.

Several times each month, SAGA hosts private virtual meetups to bring together community members for conversation. A variety of formats scheduled at different times of day ensure members from most time zones can find convenient options.

Get access to workbooks, templates, sample documents and other resources in the members-only area. Coaching members have the opportunity to make priority requests for new resources as well.

Chip Griffin hosts office hours to provide group coaching. Members can sign up in advance to have their questions or topics added to the agenda.

Get access to the growing library of SAGA webinars to delve into topics you want to explore. These sessions focus on providing practical advice and actionable takeaways.

SAGA premium members receive substantial discounts on one-time coaching services, including the Agency Business Checkup and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, as well as small group workshops that take a deep dive on specific topics. Walk away with the confidence that you have better prepared yourself and your agency for what lies ahead.

Each month, you will meet with Chip Griffin for an individual 60-minute coaching call. Get practical advice, useful feedback, and the occasional nudge you need as you grow your agency.

Each month, Pro members will have the opportunity to participate in a small group coaching session with fewer than 10 other members. This allows time for more personalized advice from Chip, enhanced connections with peers, and shared learning opportunities.

Each month, Pro members will have the opportunity to participate in a small group masterclass on a topic chosen with the input of members.

Is the Resource Library missing a document, template, or guide that would help you out? 1:1 coaching members have their requests go to the front of the line for priority creation as long as they are likely to help a significant number of SAGA members.