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Small Agency Talk Show

Panel discussions about timely topics of interest to PR and marketing agency leaders

Are you thinking about selling your agency?

In this episode of the Small Agency Talk Show, Carl joins Chip Griffin of SAGA to talk about what to consider before you decide that selling is the right thing to do — as well as what to expect after your broker finds what you think is the ideal match.

Calculating your agency’s labor costs correctly

Marcel Petitpas of Parakeeto and Chip Griffin of SAGA break down the simplest way to calculate the effective hourly cost for your team members — and how to use that to analyze your profitability correctly.

Hosted by Chip Griffin

Chip is the founder and the Small Agency Growth Alliance where he helps PR & marketing agencies grow and thrive. He brings more than two decades of experience as an agency executive and entrepreneur. He shares the wisdom of his success and lessons of his failures. Follow him on Twitter at @ChipGriffin.

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