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Are you thinking about selling your agency?

In this episode of the Small Agency Talk Show, Carl joins Chip Griffin of SAGA to talk about what to consider before you decide that selling is the right thing to do — as well as what to expect after your broker finds what you think is the ideal match.

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Letting go as an agency owner

In this episode of the Agency Leadership Podcast, Chip Griffin and Gini Dietrich discuss why you need to let go, what you should be looking to give up, and how to do it effectively without losing the secret sauce that helped you grow to where you are today.

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Being present as an agency owner

Brad Farris of Anchor Advisors has been thinking a lot about the idea of being present. In this episode, he explains what he means by that, why it is important, and how to be better at this skill. Chip Griffin of SAGA chimes in with his perspective and expands the conversation to explore how to

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