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AIM-GET: Talent

Talent is recruiting and retaining the best team.

Most agencies will tell you that their people are what makes them unique and able to generate results for clients.

That’s half true. It is rare that your team is a true differentiator, but they are critical to your client’s success.

While many like to argue that agencies shouldn’t be selling time, that is the key resource that forms the basis of all engagements. New business means more work hours for just about any agency.

Recruiting and retaining the right team may be the most important role of any agency leader. Without Talent, there is no business.

All of the work in the AIM-GET process to this point creates the structure that makes finding, training, and keeping the best people possible.

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About the AIM-GET Framework

The AIM-GET Framework helps provide a roadmap for achieving success with your agency business.

It outlines the steps you need to take to plan and implement a strategy that gets you the results that you want.

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